At the start of 2018, I did not have a plan chalked out for the entire year. Neither did I have a list of goals. Nor was I very happy about that new year. All I had was a little hope and a brand new coffee mug.

What made the difference in my life was probably that morning cuppa which flashed a quote at me every morning.

“This will be my year!”

I did not have much idea about how to make it “my” year. It was a new year with new beginnings and new resolutions, of course. But one major sphere of my life was not working out pretty well.

However, I was not and never will be a person who just watches her life pass by in despair. I took charge with my new coffee mug in hand and started working on the stuff that I wanted to achieve.

I found out writing is my meditation. Writing helps me explore myself.

This blog post is mostly about how I finally managed to make 2018 mine and what I learned this past year.

  1. I took out more time for myself – This is probably the toughest thing we struggle with on a daily basis. I know how ‘me time’ can be a distant dream for the ones working out of an office and considers commuting to office a part of their “travel life.” In my case, I opted for Work From Home opportunity and that saved a lot of time and energy which was being wasted due to the long commute. Since then, I was getting my proper hours of sleep, I was working in a familiar and more comfortable environment, and also taking meals at a proper time. As a result, my productivity at work increased. Overall, it was an improvement in my physical as well as mental health.
  2. Meditation does not have to mean sitting still with closed eyes – What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘meditation’ ? A person sitting cross-legged with eyes shut and deep in thought? Well, guess what? It doesn’t have to be like that at all. The purpose of meditation is to focus on your thoughts and explore your own self. And this can be achieved by any kind of activity that makes you focus better. It can be dancing, singing, painting, writing and many such activities. In my case, it is writing. When I started a journal cum diary last year, I used to document my daily activities and thoughts in there. And I realized that at certain points, I wasn’t just writing what I already knew… I also wrote stuff about myself that I was totally unaware of. I found out that writing is my meditation.
  3. Opening up to people who are different than you might help you discover yourself – Being an introvert myself, I know how difficult this might sound. It took almost one year for me to get adjusted to a new surrounding and start interacting with people who are not like me. But when I did, I was not expecting them to be a certain way anymore. I was not expecting anything to be very honest. But as they say, when you don’t expect much, that’s when you feel the happiest. I finally started to discover parts of me which were buried deep within me and were dying. Just find that vibe. That vibe to which you can resonate harmoniously. Those people are the ones you should be spending time with.
  4. The moment that matters is NOW – For years, I was living in the future. Yes, I used to continuously plan and dream of what I would do tomorrow. But it was in 2018, when I actually understood what living in the moment actually meant. You don’t bother about the past and you don’t believe in a tomorrow. Whatever you are thinking of doing tomorrow, you do it now instead. Now is the time to live and that is definitely the key to sheer happiness.
  5. I finally learnt to love myself – This was the most difficult of all things I’ve learnt so far in my life. Loving myself for who I am was never even a simple thought in my head. No matter how much I respected myself, I never showered love for this stranger in the mirror. And the reason being, I was a stranger to myself. Therefore, the day I started to know myself better, I started caring for that girl in the mirror.
    I started to know that girl in the mirror. I finally started loving that girl in the mirror.
I finally started to know that girl hiding inside me.

Now that 2018 is done and dusted, it’s time to embrace 2019 with open arms as well as an open heart. With the new resolutions and the old, new dreams and the old, let us all have a Happy New Year!

What did you learn last year?