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A few pages into the book and it had already become one of my favorites. More than the story, I fell in love with the characters. Jo March on the pages seemed to be me in one of my past lives (we’re both clumsy and were born in November). Even though the story was heartwarming and made me laugh and cry and smile at perfect moments, I could not help but be disappointed with the ending. What about you? How did you think the ending was? Have you thought of a different ending?

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There are certain books that fall under the category of bone-chilling reads. This one book definitely falls under that category without even being a thriller. I am reading this book later than all the other bookworms but I was absolutely shaken after I was done reading the last page. Khaled Hosseini is one of those authors who can make your mind go numb while we are lost in his words.

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Extremely pleased with The Kite Runner, I read another mind-blowing book by Khaled Hosseini last year which caused a roller-coaster of emotions in me from the moment I read the first line; one of the best opening lines I’ve read till date. I loved how the story progressed and with it the characters. This is that one book which has a stunning opening and a fine ending to the story as well. Loved it from cover to cover.

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I cannot and will not stop gushing about this woman. Want to know why? Head over to her blog and find out yourself. Shivya Nath’s writing made me feel the magic of writing for the second time in my life (after J. K. Rowling, of course). And I want to tell that to every person I meet. Her book was a string of her travel beads and each one of them sings a distinct song of enriching experience.

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The title of the book aptly reflects how the main character of the story has captured the castle where she and her family have been living. But the story did an incredible job in capturing my attention and keeping it till the end of it. Moreover, strong narration of the entire book has been a treat to read with characters that were real and flawesome.

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I was as excited as a little kid going to Disneyland and as afraid as Bilbo Baggins himself when I started reading this book. I knew this was going to be an epic journey and I was only half ready for it. I wanted to actually read the entire LOTR series in one go without reading any other books in between. But I also wanted to read the entire series in paperback. (Paperbacks are love. Especially, in case of fantasy epics.) However, I loved The Hobbit through and through. I lived through the beautiful places on pages and loved every bit of it. The dwarves, the elves and the dragon named Smaug… how enchanting all of these were.

P.S. I loved the movie series of The Hobbit as well. They were wonderful representations of the story on pages.

What about your reads in 2018? Which ones were your favorites? Did you find a book that you want to re-read in the future? Share your reads with me in the comments. I’ll be glad to have new books to read.