Disclaimer: Before you proceed, I’d like to clear it up that all my opinions about summer in this post is truly from the perspective of someone living in India (more specifically in Kolkata). Therefore, I am aware of summer having different faces and behaviors from all other corners of the world but my feelings in this post are strictly confined due to this one perspective. They are open to change anytime in the future (but expecting summer to change as well).

Image Source: Pixabay

Things I hate about summer:

  1. THE SWEAT/HUMIDITY – I hate it. I hate it that summer makes me sweat so much. The sweat that comes after a workout is way different and that makes us feel fresh. But the sweat that comes with summer is unbearable and clingy.
  2. THE HEAT – Needless to say, it becomes impossible to step foot outside during these scorched and heated up days of summer. It can boil you, fry you and melt you in a matter of few minutes.
  3. THE TONGUE-LOLLING EFFECT – The sun sucks out all the energy and leaves us lazy and lethargic on bare floors. It makes us feel so tired out all the time that the listed stuff on your to do lists also evaporates in the heat.
  4. THE HEADACHES – The sun makes my head hurt. Too much sun literally makes me feel like a vampire. I also used to have a skin sensitive to sun but it no more burns. But the headaches, they always follow even if I have a brief encounter with the sun.
  5. IT LASTS FOREVER IN INDIA – Yes, that’s almost true. Summer in India can almost last forever. Actually, they last for about a few months but apart from the scarce few days of winter, every day seems like a summer day here. And I hate it.

Even though I hate summer with all my heart, I can bear it for only one reason. Mangoes (Ice-creams are just a bonus).

Things I love about summer:

Image Source: Pixabay
  1. MANGOES – There’s only one thing that makes summer tolerable for me and that thing is a MANGO (but in plural, without a doubt!). I love to get all messed up with mangoes whenever and wherever I find them. I like them raw, sweet and fleshy. I keep eating mangoes until I fall sick but then keep eating them anyway. They save my summers and I can’t imagine my summers without them.
  2. ICE CREAM – I know, I know! These are available perennially and can be eaten whenever you like but I especially like them in summers. They are my back up saviors. All the fruity flavors are a no-no! And nothing ever beats chocolate for me.
Image Source: Pixabay