Author: Julian Barnes
Page Count: 150
Format: Paperback
Genre: Contemporary, Psychological Fiction
Publication: Vintage
Publication Year: 2011
Awards: Winner of The Man Booker Prize 2011

When you are in your twenties, even if you’re confused and uncertain about your aims and purposes, you have a strong sense of what life itself is, and of what you in life are, and might become.

The Sense of an Ending

To be honest, the starting of the book did not impress me as much as did the ending. I picked up the book as it was just 150 pages long and was perfect for a breather kind of read.

Characters: Since its a pretty short book, none of the characters were developed enough but surely a reader can imagine. I was most interested in Adrian Finn than in any other character and I’m sure that was the author’s purpose. The protagonist was flat (as per my opinion) and only a bystander to the story of someone else. But not everything is as clear as it seems at first. The story unfolds brilliantly once the protagonist receives a mail from a woman he met only once in life.

Writing: Loved the writing style and this was the only thing that kept me going at first. The novel is written in first person and through the life of Tony Webster, a man in his sixties, retired and divorced.

Plot: Tony Webster had always wanted an undisturbed life and had got it. The first part of the book quickly deals with his adolescent and the years after that, mainly touching upon the relationships he has had and also about the memories that he dwells upon. But as Tony had noted, “What you end up remembering isn’t always the same as what you have witnessed.” His takes the reader through through his yesteryears and he keeps struggling for pieces to put together a puzzle. The thrill of it starts right in the middle of the book which actually kick starts my reader mind. That was the moment in the book when I started enjoying it and could not keep it down till I’ve reached the last page.

Story: Definitely emotional. Even though Tony appears to be indifferent towards emotions at first, his emotions will start to appear when his life is turned upside down.

Movie or book? I think the movie was better. (Me saying this is rare)

My Rating: 3.8/5

P.S. Everything written above is as per my opinion and nothing universal. Hope you all understand that.

Happy reading, folks!