Not too soon ago, I came across the blog by Shivya Nath, a girl with a backpack and immediately felt connected to her. Devouring more than one articles per day, I was roaming around on her blog every now and then. So when she announced her book that came out in September of 2018, I was dead excited for it.

I ordered it on and carried it with me on my trip to North Sikkim. And below are the seven reasons I think The Shooting Star is the best travel book ever.

1.You will fall in love with her writing

Shivya Nath weaves words in such a charismatic way that you will fall in love with her writing style immediately. Her simple yet fantastic penmanship left me in awe on the very first day I discovered her blog. Even though her travel tales have been arranged in a non-chronological manner, the book gave me the same feels and thrills a great adventure fiction would do.

2. You can relate to her on more than one levels

Her book tells us about the journey she took to become the person she truly is; the person we love and admire today so much. Her journey began on the same wavering note as ours did. While reading about her initial years at a corporate job and the “tragedy of a mundane, average, unfulfilling life” gnawing her insides just like mine do right now, I could feel exactly how she felt all those years ago. I sat still for a whole minute to wrap my head around her idea of tragedy. And when she conveyed through her stories that this nomadic life was a calling that she could not explain, I instantly knew what she meant by that. And I’m sure you would too.

3. You will finally find the courage to break free

Her book is not a travelogue but more like an account of her life changing personal events that we all can identify with at various levels. Breaking free from the shackles of a safe and secure life, she headed out for freedom because una vida, one life.

“Solitude is like a mysterious drug; at first, you fear it and reject it. But when you finally try it, you begin to crave the way it makes you feel.” – Shivya Nath

And thus, Shivya Nath started seeking solitude with her unusual travels. Her adventures and misadventures through the unexplored parts of the world made us believe in the goodness which we know exist but is difficult to find. Although in search of solitude, Shivya often ended up making various connections and friendships with people vastly different from her.

4. You will understand how staying rooted is actually a psychological aspect

Renouncing the roof over her head, Shivya now found home in the unexplored corners of the world. She let go of “the things that owned her or the things she owned” and roamed the wide world with just her rucksack and backpack. Pick up the book to have a new notion of home or head over to her blog right now.

5. You will feel like you have changed into a better person

Before reading the chapter ‘Chicken Bus’, I was determined that no matter how much I admired this woman, I could never give up meat or dairy products. But after reading it, after feeling what she felt, after understanding why she decided to go vegan, I can now feel a seed of change being planted in my mind. That is how powerful her writing is.

“That is how it is with the road; it changes you when you least expect it.” – Shivya Nath

6. You will find inspiration and courage too

With her wild tales and her ensnaring writing, her book kept me going and inspired me to chase my dreams that were bottled up inside me. Finding courage in between the pages of her book, I have now resolved to be a little braver than yesterday and chase my dreams (now turned into goals).

“After all, we were not put on earth to be prisoners of an unpredictable future. We were put on earth to live our present with a fierce courage, that when the future comes we can look it in the eye without a hint of fear and charm it with the adventures of our past.” – Shivya Nath

7. You will find the book to be your perfect companion for all your upcoming travels

There’s so much to learn from her book that reading it once is definitely not going to be enough. She wrote about her travelling solo, detaching herself from consumerist behavior, setting up transitory homes wherever she went, relationships, fears, dreams and much more that it felt like I am meeting a best friend after ages and she just cannot stop telling me all about her life. It felt like a long magical night under a blanket of thousand shimmering stars.

“And as I lay there, a shooting star darted through the sky, reminding me that any magical feeling in our lives is much like the magic in the sky – fleeting.” – Shivya Nath

And yet, I was sure that this magical feeling was going to linger longer that it is meant to.